Only a Videogame

Illustration side-blog. Expect a lot of fanart, and maybe some original stuff too. I'm open to prompts, but I can't promise a speedy output.

Well, it’s October, and I figured I’d make some survival horror plushies. Silent Hill is one of my favourite game series ever, I grew up with it, and I love the characters, so I thought I’d make Lisa, Heather, and Memory of Alessa to start things off. 

awkwardnesswillhappen: Sorry if this isn't the normal stuff you get, but do you ever plan on doing anything on your elsen and Bad!Batter blog anymore, or is it on permanent hiatus?

I do have every intention of going back to it, I just haven’t had any motivation recently. But I don’t really want to abandon it since I found it a lot of fun. 

pescado-diabolico: your art has made me ship will and chilton together. i don't know how to feel about it, except that i'm really glad it was your adorable art that introduced me to it.

That’s so flattering, thank you! I never expected to ship them as much as I do, but there are so many talented people contributing stuff for them, so I guess it’s hard not to! 

tehnazzy: i feel really bad for not reblogging x1000 of your art. good stuff, i really love your funky style

That’s really sweet! Thank you so much! 

sincerestgeth: You made that Eddie doll? It's adorable. Would you ever consider making more for sale? I would seriously consider buying one. :3

Hi! I did, yes. And thank you :D I’ve sold a few already, so I’m happy to make more if you wanted to buy one. Just let me know, and I’ll renew the listing on my Etsy store. 

Recovery kisses?

I don’t even know. 

(Not pictured) Waylon limping away. 

wolficks: Oh man, you gonna make more and sell them? I'm totally interested. I want that Eddie plushie so bad. Also, I'd love to see a bridal Waylon, haha

Hi! I’d be happy to make more if people are interested in buying them! 

I definitely want to make bridal Waylon. The dress would be so much fun!

everyone-needs-a-superhero: I love your Eddie plushie! He's so adorably awesome with that little evil glint and I am very jealous of him and your talent!! Its brilliant :D :3

Thank you! He’s such an interesting and awesome character, so I really wanted to try making him! 

Thought I’d make Eddie Gluskin whilst I wait on certain fabrics for certain Hannibal characters. 

(Maybe I should make a bridal Waylon to accompany him).

barathecorn: hi I think your art (the chilton one with red/pink background) is really great would you mind if i set it as my icon on twitter? much appreciated for this, thanks,

Aw, thanks! Sure, that’s fine by me!

There Are Monsters Beyond These Walls

… I don’t write often because I get really nervous and self-deprecating, but I just had to write some ChillyWilly (that ship name will make me laugh until the day I die). 

doctorfreddychilton: I love your art style and can't believe I only just found your blog now! And, for the record, if you ever make a Chilton plushie, I would be on buying that like white on rice. :D

Oh my God, thank you! I’m really happy you like my blog! I need to update it more often (with all the Chilton). 

I really would love to make a Chilton plush… 

vanballin: You draw the cutest fucking Chilton ever oh my god. Bless you and your Chilton/Will art <3

That’s so flattering! Thank you so much! I’m really happy you like them!